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Jyinfotech - Terms and condition

Thanks for visiting our web site. If you want to browse this website and use its information for further business expanding prospective then you should have to follow quintessential term and condition to establish happy owner and client relationship.
Our IT corporate business location lies in the post commercial at G-17, Sector-6, in Noida. Before knowing the A-Z business expanding process , you should have the core knowledge for two broad terms entitled as we and you. Understanding each information line by line, it becomes very clear that we is used for talking the business owner. On the reverse side of coin, you refers to a customer to know the practical benefits of launching their website or virtual arcades or hubs.
While you are using this website for obtaining the personal or corporate identity, you should not have any objection to follow the below depicted terms and condition.

  • Each textual information in this page provides simple message and use it according to usability and requirements. Our development team keeps full authorization for changing any information without any prior notification.

  • We do not make any claim to give the accuracy, timeliness and performance of the information and cannot be use for the particular purpose. In case you are trying to use this information to gain monetary benefits, you will come in the conjunction of the counterfeit issue.

  • You are solely responsible for all penalties in case you are using the data and information from our website. Also, you make sure that products, services and item showcase on our website must be tally with your requirement sets.

  • Our website contains only those material which is certified by us. Taking the cursory look of our website, it is clearly defined that our working area is not limited to design layout, appearance, look and graphics. Reproduction of our material is offence, which cannot tolerated furthermore.

  • Only those trademarks are reproduced in this website, which are not earlier place in our website.

  • Persons, who are trying to unauthorized way, is liable to get a notification regarding the criminal offense.

  • You are not able to create another link derived from our parent site.

  • The dispute arise from the illegal utilization of this website has been handled by the regulatory authority and under the law of India.

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